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“The Dogs of Dos de Mayo Square”

A series of portraits of the most assiduous, numerous and pleasure seeking frequenters of a busy square in the heart of Malasaña, one of the liveliest districts of Madrid. A little square that without them would not be so colourful.
I portrayed the ones I consider to be our truest, faithful and nice companions, trying to catch, transmit and exalt their great dignity, pride, spirit, sensitivity, character and diversity.
Or maybe, actually, as a dog lover I wanted to transmit my vision of them. Vision often criticized because it tends to humanization.
The approach was that of classic portraiture.
I was inspired by the two great August Sander and Irving Penn: look straight in to the camera, static pose, black and white.
It was not easy, despite the cooperation of the owners, especially the look in the camera…
A dog in front of other dogs it’s difficult that stands still, he listens to you, but for a very short moment, immediately it’s distraction and curiosity towards things of course more interesting.
I believe, however, that I have succeeded, at least in part.
I would end with the sentence of P.G. Wodehouse that used as introduction in the funny and beautiful Elliott Erwitt’s book Dog Dogs: we all have plenty to say about dogs, but very seldom are we allowed to say it!