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Unmarried women portrayed in mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dresses and some of their thoughts after taking the pictures.

Therapy… very successful for me. I reconciled myself with the dress, with what it represented and now no longer… with a Clotilde that no longer exists, that has the same body but not the same life…
I feel like my mom would have been so happy if she could have seen me so serene and having fun playing with a wedding dress that symbolizes ancient dreams.
My mother used again her dress for me, but for another ceremony, I wore it as a child when I was unaware of its value but the other night, instead, I consciously tried to wear her unforgettable sunny smile.

It’s all day long that I think how exciting it has been wearing these clothes on, thinking again about our mothers or grandmothers when they were still girls with desires, passions and dreams. It was fun and in part maybe a little sad. When they chose these clothes they projected lives that maybe they have lived or maybe not, but making an homage to them in such a solar way, with all the laughs and complicity that I felt yesterday seems a nice thing. So thank you Alessandra, thanks to those who participated with enthusiasm but a special thanks goes to all the women that yesterday we remembered with a big smile.

Thanks to you, we rediscovered forgotten treasures.
Yesterday I saw beautiful clothes, one of them was Carlotta’s grandmother, an impalpable fabric with all the signs of time.
Great idea! Good job and thank you.